Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy

Knowing the components of an effective, successful social media strategy is vital for any art company or artist who has rightly acknowledged the value of building a strong digital presence.

Who are you? Start by expressing your brand purpose clearly and creating a mission statement. You can convey this in a visually appealing way using powerful graphics, imagery, or video to tell a memorable story.

Who are you trying to reach and create content for? Identify and get to know your audience. You have to be attuned to their challenges, background, interests, motivations, and habits, in order to adapt and personalise your message and target the right audience in your ad campaigns. Create customer personas for the types of people you want to entice. Check existing analytics for more information about your current viewers and followers.

What do you aspire to achieve, what are the elements behind your overarching mission? Set SMART social media goals that align with your business objectives, and know which metrics to monitor in order to measure your progress. Some common social media goals are increasing brand awareness (the metrics you have to track here can be reach metrics, shares, followers), improving customer loyalty and advocacy (check engagement metrics like comments, mentions, as well as testimonials), generating leads and increasing sales (track conversion metrics), driving traffic to your website (click-throughs), and so on.

How are you going to achieve your goals? What tactics will you employ to do all of this? You have to be aware of the social media landscape within your niche, as well as keeping up to date with the latest digital trends, and knowing the algorithms of your ideal social media platforms. Create platform-specific content, invest in video content, go live, have an editorial calendar, use social media tools, repurpose content, and join groups.

For digital tactics tailored to the art world, follow me on Instagram at @dianamarinsocial and stay tuned.

Published by Diana Marin

Poetry. Film Analysis. Fine Art Photography. Art Marketing. Social Media Services.

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