Visual Branding Tips for Social Media in the Arts

Art companies and visual artists have to meet high expectations of visual excellence on social media. Find your UNIQUE visual approach to make your social media presence SHINE. Turn your feed into a work of art.

If you work in the arts, don’t neglect the importance of all visual aspects in your social media strategy. They have to be harmoniously intertwined, to achieve the best results & boost engagement. Whilst composing effective, creative text is important, visuals are an equally decisive element of your marketing strategy.

  • Pick your brand colour palette, font pairings, and layouts and use them consistently when you create social media visuals that reflect your brand identity.
  • Make sure your feed flows harmoniously, even if you go through a thematic change or aesthetic shift. All types of content have to work together to keep your feed flowing. Curate & arrange artworks and photographs & create graphics that contribute to the cohesive aesthetic of the feed.
  • Curate and arrange your imagery in advance. Make a collage or use Preview App to visualise and plan out a cohesive Instagram feed.
  • Don’t neglect any visual elements. Working in the arts means you already have great visual content available, but if your work consists of paintings, don’t underestimate the power of impactful design and impressive photography, or the importance of interweaving them effectively.
  • Create mood boards. They can help you visualise concepts, provide style inspiration for your editorial calendar, and dictate the overall atmosphere of your upcoming posts, ensuring imagery flows.
  • Create social media templates for different categories of posts, in order to stay organised and save time.
  • Optimise your imagery for each social media channel.
  • Save all your aesthetic resources in one place.
  • Create a visual style guide including colour codes, fonts, editing apps, filters, photography guideline, templates, etc.
  • Define and maintain a consistent aesthetic for your feed. One that resonates with your brand voice and identity, as well as with your target audience. Going through thematic changes is fine, as long as the overall aesthetic & vibe are consistent. What feeling do you want your page to evoke? Write down a few key words on your mood board. What resonates with your brand, content, and art? A light, airy aesthetic? Ethereal & pearlescent? Dark & Elegant? Clean and minimalist?

From avatar to social media posts, stick to a signature colour scheme, fonts, photographic style, graphics style.

Your feed is the first impression potential customers will have, the first connection they establish with your brand, so it has to be impactful. Attention spans are narrowing among social media users. You only have a few seconds to capture people’s attention.

A unique approach to visuals will make your audience instantly recognise your brand on their feeds.

Create striking social media graphics that reflect your brand identity in concise, inspiring, & impactful ways. Alternate them with artworks based on vibe and aesthetic.

Analyse your existing posts to identify your brand style. Is it time for a change? Perhaps you should consider visual rebranding and revamping your feed, drifting away from any elements your brand no longer resonates with.

Your grid should be cohesive, consistent, & flowing. The effects of having a cohesive visual aesthetic on social media: Engagement improves. Brand recognition increases. A consistent visual identity builds trust and connection.

Follow these tips to boost your social media presence, convey your message in memorable ways, and promote your art effectively.

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